A source on Reddit has shared a full list of new maps and release dates of the upcoming two new Battlefield 4 DLC’s; Dragon’s Teeth and Final Stand, unsurprisingly we’re going to get 8 new maps.


YouTuber ZynovFTW shares his thoughts on the release date of Dragon’s Teeth.

Dragon’s Teeth

Experience all-out urban warfare in new multiplayer maps taking place in war-torn cities locked down by the Chinese army.

Urban Garden

Release dates (subject to change)
UPDATE: A couple weeks ago, we received some insider information. It seems like DICE kept pushing the Dragon’s teeth release date for unknown reasons, but likely due to BF4’s netcode problems. Although we don’t have an exact release date for Dragon’s Teeth just yet, the DLC will certainly be out sometime this summer, and Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers will get access to the content two weeks early. According to our source, DICE’s aim is to release the Dragon’s teeth DLC early to mid July.

UPDATE2: According to a recent announcement from EA Origin, Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC will launch on July 15 for Premium members. 

Origin dragon's teeth coming July 15

Origin has since removed and revised the tweet above to read, “Save 20% on #BF4 Premium right now, then jump into #DragonsTeeth 2 weeks early.”

Premium – July 15th
Public – July 29th

Final Stand

The war is reaching its epic conclusion in Battlefield 4™ Final Stand. More information on this expansion pack will be available at a later date.

Maps (proposed names, not final yet)
Artic Research
Sub Base
Walker Factory

Release dates
Premium Sep 2nd
Public Sep 16th

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